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Sharing the truth

Message of hope: Kym Keady and Paul Ninnes.

Message of hope: Kym Keady and Paul Ninnes.

By Emilie Ng

BRISBANE-based ministry Real Talk have made it clear that young Australians want nothing but the truth about sex and relationships.

Real Talk founder Kym Keady and managing director Paul Ninnes said at their annual fundraising dinner on October 30 that more young people in Australia and New Zealand were choosing to save sex for marriage and stop using pornography.

Mr Ninnes said they hoped others interested in this form of “social activism” would support them through prayer and donations.

He said it could take just one hour for a young person to rethink the value of their sexuality.

“People ask us, can you really change a life in one hour or one day?  And the truth is, yes,” Mr Ninnes said.

After hearing a Real Talk presentation at her school, a young teenager purchased a chastity ring to remind her that she was valued.

“She had been to one of our talks and that talk had changed her outlook and allowed her to make decisions in her life that changed the way she was living,” Mr Ninnes said.

“She was now making a commitment to treating herself and treating the gift of sexuality like it was special and saving sex until she’s married.”

Mr Ninnes said the Real Talk team was excited to bring their message to more young people, especially a non-Catholic audience.

“Without the heavy faith-based content, it’s a message of human fulfillment and everyone needs that,” Mr Ninnes said.

Written by: Emilie Ng
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