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Nikki’s sharing the beauty and peace of the Cathedral

Nikki Limpin

Faith central: Nikki Limpin is right at home in St Stephen’s Cathedral.

NIKKI Limpin is a young woman on a mission. 

It’s a mission to share her passion for life and faith to God with the others.

The 25-year-old geology student at QUT Garden’s Point campus, Brisbane has fallen in love with the rich history and character that surrounds St Stephen’s Cathedral and is one of the youngest to put her hand up to become a volunteer welcomer and tour guide at the church.

Originally a member of the Bray Park parish, Nikki began frequenting St Stephen’s with her university friends, developing a rapport for the quiet haven and community atmosphere and it soon became her home away from home.

“I started going to the cathedral with my friends between lectures and became involved more and more with the community, it was infectious,” she said.

“Also the heritage of the building, it was as if God was drawing me towards it.”

Nikki was brought up in Catholic family and attended Catholic schools, but said she had only begun to develop her faith in recent years as she deepened her understanding of her relationship with God.

Through her steady presence at the cathedral, Nikki noticed flyers inviting applications for guides at the cathedral – an opportunity she jumped at.

Nikki and her fellow applicants are set to undergo a comprehensive five-day training program beginning December 5, giving participants a deep knowledge of the history, art and significance of St Stephen’s.

At 25, Nikki looms as one of the youngest advocates for the cathedral and is convinced her enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to learn will rub off on others when showcasing the Church.

“It’s special to me on so many levels, as a place to come and pray, to be a part of the community and even the building it’s beautiful,” she said.

Nikki said so many aspects of her life were interlinked with St Stephen’s, her geology studies even came in handy when examining the architecture of the building.

“The first time I came I was walking around the cathedral recognising the different kinds of rock used to build it, it was like I was doing field work at university,” Nikki said.

Experiences are the moments that inspire Nikki in both her academic and spiritual life.

“People spend too much time on their iPhones, there is so much more to see firsthand,” she said.

“The cathedral has given me so much in terms of community and belonging, it’s like a relationship, I’d love the opportunity to share that experience with others.”

By Isaac Murphy

Written by: Staff writers
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