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Ignite Conference 2018: Reflections from a Ministry Partner

Immaculata Mission School, Tasmania.  Photo: Sisters of the Immaculata

THE Sisters of the Immaculata are based in Tasmania. They were founded in 2008 through the desire for spiritual renewal in parishes.

Each year they run a school of mission, a full time live in experience of mission for five months. This month they will be bringing a group of their sisters and missionaries to Ignite Conference 2018. This is their reflection on the Conference theme, Empty.

“As we prepare to make the journey from Tasmania to Brisbane to Ignite 2018, we are excited for what God has in store for us and all those who will be attending this year’s conference.

As part of our apostolate, we run a five-month Long-Term Mission School, which allows young people to go deeper in their Catholic faith and hopefully to desire to be saints. We are bringing the Long-Term Mission School participants to Ignite, so that they can be encouraged by seeing other young people encountering Jesus. We also want our group to learn how to serve and to be other-centred.

This year’s theme of Empty has touched us because we had been praying a novena that included the prayer of St Teresa Kolkata “that God can’t fill what is full” – so when we heard the theme, we felt it was a confirmation of what God was speaking to us and it is wonderful to see that the Holy Spirit is calling us as a Church to this littleness.

We want the grace to be emptied of self so that God can be glorified and so that we don’t get in the way.

Finally, it is great to see that the Emmanuel Community want to raise up young people to love Jesus and His Church and we want to support this wonderful work.

Full conference plus day and weekend registrations are still open; head to www.igniteyouth.com/conference18 for tickets.

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