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Ignite Conference 2018: Reflections from a high-schooler

Young hearts ignited: Young people offering praise at the Ignite Conference in Brisbane September last year. Photo: Tim Adamson, Lucid Media

I WAS encouraged to attend this year’s conference by friends who attended last year.

They were extremely happy that they went last year, and I’ve been looking forward to attending this year’s conference since I heard about it last year.

I’ve heard about all the interesting things they learnt at the conference last year and I’m excited to experience it myself.

Having never been to Ignite Conference, I’m not sure what to expect.

I’ve heard some amazing things about it from friends who have attended before. Through other events such as Ignite High and Summer Camp, my knowledge and understanding of who I am as a person and what I represent as a Catholic has grown immensely.

Through this year’s conference, I hope to develop this understanding of what makes us unique as Catholics in society.

This year’s theme for Ignite Conference is Empty.

The word in a literal sense has negative connotations, synonymous with symptoms such as apathy and depression.

However, Emptiness to me represents a lifelong process of learning and understanding more about ourselves and our faith; what we present as Catholics.

Emptiness also represents what we begin with. As we grow in our faith and understanding, we gain fulfilment.

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By Matt Choy

Matt Choy is a Year 12 student at Marist College, Ashgrove. He is a part of the Ignite High Youth Group and Lead, a discipleship and leadership program. This year will be Matt’s first Ignite Conference.

Written by: Guest Contributor
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