Thursday, January 21, 2021
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A teen’s guide to reaching Heaven

Anne-Marie Williams

OUR souls are skyward bound; we are all called to be saints, each and every one of us.
Answering that call however, can be more than slightly challenging, especially for us teenagers in today’s secular society.
Often I will find myself in complete and utter awe of the saints that have gone before us – to the point where I forget that they too were human, they had their struggles and moments of weakness just like you and I, and yet they rose above that and became role models to us.
They lived their lives as a testament to God’s love and mercy, showing us that no matter what we too can reach Heaven.
One saint in particular comes to mind – St Augustine, who is considered to be one of the greatest theologians and a doctor of the Church, yet his past was turbulent, to say the least.
St Augustine is proof that no matter where you are in life you can always turn around and be the person God made you to be.
Whilst the call to sainthood and reaching heaven is a challenge it is not impossible …
It all goes back to one of my favourite quotes by tennis legend Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”.
Basically, start by taking baby steps and, with every act of random kindness, you will get closer to being the best version of you, that God made you to be …
Here are some practical tips to help you answer the call to sainthood and reaching heaven:

  • Go to Confession regularly … Trust me, it helps.
  • Smile more, laugh often and spread joy.
  • Love, love and love, particularly when it is hardest to do so.
  • Die to self, be self-giving of your time and attention
  • Be patient with yourself and others.

By Anne-Marie Williams

Anne-Marie Williams (pictured) is 19 years old and the eldest of seven children in a devout Catholic family. Her biggest passion in life is creative writing and she hopes to one day be an author (and own a golden retriever). She loves nature and feels very connected to God whenever she is surrounded by His beautiful creation. She will be writing a monthly column for The Catholic Leader.

Written by: Guest Contributor
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