Monday, July 6, 2020
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Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Bruce Willis
Director: Robert Rayner
Rated: M15+

Bruce Willis is best known for his action films, most of which have been gratuitously violent. His recent work, however, demonstrates his versatility as an actor. In The Story of Us, Willis has been married to Michelle Pfeiffer for 17 years. They have always been a case of opposites attracting. For the last three years their marriage has been falling apart. They have gone to counselling, spoken to friends and they have talked about the issues to one another, all to no avail. They have two children, from whom they have kept secret their deteriorating relationship.

While the children are away at summer camp, they have a trial separation. During this separation Pfeiffer goes out with another man and Willis is inconsolable. The central questions of this film are why should this couple stay together and how can they renegotiate their future? The Story of Us is laced with humour and pain. Both actors give believable and engaging performances.

This film explores the intense demands made in a marriage as the couple grows and changes through mid-life. It runs out of puff about three-quarters of the way through and clumsily arrives at a weak pay off at the end.

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