Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Starring: Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson
Director: Peter Segal
Rated: M

The six members of the Klump family (Eddie Murphy plays them all) are obese, African Americans.

The eldest son, Sherman, is a brilliant geneticist and he discovers the gene which enables the body to recover its youthful vigour and size. Sherman experiments on himself and his slim, alter ego, Buddy Love (also Eddie Murphy) is born. Sherman is in love with Denise (Janet Jackson) and the unattractive and offensive Buddy is set to spoil everything.

The special effects in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps are brilliant. Technically, it is outstanding. The script, however, is reprehensible. Producer Brian Grazer has added two new writers for Nutty Professor II, Chris and Paul Weitz. They had a commercial hit last year with the juvenile, low brow, American Pie, and their tell-tale toilet humour is in evidence in this film as well.

Almost every gag in the film, visually and in the dialogue, rests on jokes about sex, offensive consumption of food, faeces, erections, flatus and belching. No matter how clever Murphy’s portrayal of seven characters is, the all consuming Klump family are repulsive to watch and worse to listen to.

The Nutty Professor II is a tedious film trading on humour of the lowest common denominator and is best avoided.

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