Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Australia sees inequality worsen and wealth grow

EXACTLY no one was surprised to read recent Oxfam data that Australia’s wealthiest one per cent had increased their share of wealth in 2019. Australia’s top one per cent, about 250,000 people, had captured more than double the wealth of the entire bottom 50 per cent, about 12.5 million people, the report stated. The report hit as Pope Francis sent ... Read More »

Markets cannot be the answer to economic inequities, Pope says in book

Philippines girl in poverty

THE world cannot wait for an economic system that will cause poverty to fix itself, Pope Francis said. “Markets and financial speculation cannot enjoy absolute autonomy,” he said. There must be “programs, mechanisms and procedures aimed at a better distribution of resources, job creation and the integral advancement of those who are excluded”, he said in a recently published interview. ... Read More »

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