Friday, August 14, 2020
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Tag Archives: New Year’s resolution

How one experience at a nightclub brought Jonathan Hohl back to Christ

A NEW Year’s Eve in the nightclubs of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley was enough for Jonathan Hohl to do something the next day that would change his life. He went to Mass. It’s not something that he was used to doing but he felt compelled to go on that day, and he’s been going every Sunday since. That was three years ... Read More »

How about a New Year’s resolution for couples?


By Byron and Francine Pirola EVERY New Year’s Eve it’s the same; we resolve to lose weight, get fit, cut back on bad habits and bring more balance into our lives. And sometimes, we even do follow through, even if only for a few months. These are not bad resolutions. The question is: are these things the ones on which ... Read More »

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