Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Tag Archives: Latin American Catholic Community

Marina Castellanos says COVID-19 is a call to ‘look back to Jesus’ and see what He wants from us

“YOU put your heart into whatever you do, not because you’re expecting someone to reward you – it’s just to see people happy and smiling,” Latin American Catholic Community member Marina Castellanos said. Mrs Castellanos knew a thing or two about volunteering. She had volunteered with the Latin American Catholic Community for more than 28 years and spent 10 years ... Read More »

Oscar Romero gives the answers to end Marina’s faith crisis

MARINA Castellanos’ friends and relatives were being kidnapped, tortured and murdered, and she was left asking “Where is God?” Her faith was shattered and it took a man who is now a saint to give her the answers she needed. The Brisbane grandmother was caught up in the middle of a civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s when ... Read More »

Catholic international students exploited by employers full of praise for Australian-first labour hire laws

Fr Nacho and Sergio Duran

LATIN American international students who received food donations from their Catholic community to survive being ruthlessly underpaid by employers have welcomed new mandatory labour hire licencing laws aimed at protecting vulnerable workers. Colombian native Sergio Duran was exploited by at least two cleaning companies since moving to Australia in 2014 for study. He told The Catholic Leader last year that ... Read More »

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