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Praying for victims in Niger, Pope says no war can be waged for God

Niger attacks

PRAYING for victims of violent protests and targeted attacks against the Church in Niger, Pope Francis said no war can ever be waged in God’s name. He asked that the Lord grant “the gift of reconciliation and peace so that religious feelings never become an occasion for violence, suppression and destruction”, he said yesterday (January 21) at the end of ... Read More »

The Catholic Loop | January 20, 2015

The Catholic Loop – Today’s news headlines for the busy Catholic | January 20, 2015 Pope Francis reaffirmed the Church’s teaching on contraception and marriage in interviews, speeches and Homilies from his visit to the Philippines. Thousands marched through Los Angeles to speak up about the dignity of human life, including Hollywood actor and director Eduardo Verastegui. Iraq’s prelate has ... Read More »

The Catholic Loop | January 09, 2015

The Catholic Loop – Today’s news headlines for the busy Catholic | January 09, 2015. Pope Francis offered his Thursday morning Mass to victims of the Paris attack and “for the perpetrators of such cruelty, that the Lord will change their hearts”. Meanwhile, Australian Catholic University adjunct professor Julian Burnside, Catholic radio host Patrick Madrid and blogger Matt Walsh shared their ... Read More »

Christian, Muslim leaders vow to ‘walk hand in hand’ to promote peace

Christian Muslim dialogue

CATHOLIC, Anglican, Sunni and Shiite leaders vowed to do all they can to combat “ugly and hideous” distortions of religion, and to involve more women – often the first victims of violence – in official inter-religious dialogues. Holding the third Christian-Muslim Summit in Rome on December 2-4, the leaders said that while more and more women were involved in high-level ... Read More »

Pope urges Muslim leaders to condemn violence done in name of Islam

Pope Francis prays with grand mufti

POPE Francis called on political and religious leaders across the Muslim world to condemn violence done in the name of Islam. The Pope said he told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on November 28 that “it would be beautiful if all Islamic leaders – whether they be political leaders, religious leaders, academic leaders – would say clearly that they condemn ... Read More »

Prominent Muslims hope Pope’s Turkey trip can show Islam’s peaceful side

Blue Mosque

TWO prominent Muslim religious figures in Turkey welcomed the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to their country, saying they hoped it could shed light on the “peace” of Islam and help change bad images associated with that religion. At Istanbul’s famed Sultan Ahmed Mosque – often referred to as the Blue Mosque because of the turquoise tiles that adorn the ... Read More »

Islam, ecumenism and regional conflict on Pope’s agenda in Turkey

Pope to Turkey

By Francis X. Rocca, Catholic News Service ALMOST every papal trip abroad is a complex mix of the religious and political, and that will be especially true of Pope Francis’ November 28-30 visit to Turkey. Given the country’s crucial geographic position straddling Europe and Asia, its historic importance for both Christianity and Islam and the wars now raging in neighbouring ... Read More »

World peace depends on dialogue between Christianity and Islam


By Paul Dobbyn THE word “Islam” means peace and the “barbarity of extremists” has nothing to do with real Islam or God, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge has said. “Historically Mohammed brought peace to the warring tribes of Arabia by summoning them to worship of the one God,” he said. The distinguished scripture scholar also said geography was a major key ... Read More »

Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to condemn Islamic State

A man and three children in Iraq

THE Vatican called on Muslim leaders to condemn the “barbarity” and “unspeakable criminal acts” of Islamic State militants in Iraq, saying a failure to do so would jeopardise the future of inter-religious dialogue. “The plight of Christians, Yezidis and other religious and ethnic communities that are numeric minorities in Iraq demands a clear and courageous stance on the part of ... Read More »

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