Sunday, November 29, 2020
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NET Ministries Australia sends 45 youth missionaries to spread the Gospel in three countries

HUNDREDS of friends and family crowded the steps of Sacred Heart Church, Rosalie, in the late hours of last Saturday to extend last-minute hugs and goodbyes to National Evangelisation Team Ministries’ 45 young adults, who begin a 10-month adventure spreading the Gospel. Seven teams, made up of 23 Australians, 12 Americans, five Canadians, two New Zealanders, two South Africans and ... Read More »

Sister shares her wisdom

Sister Zinn's wisdom

By Paul Dobbyn SISTER Carol Zinn is sure that “2000-plus years out from the first group of early Christians one thing has not changed”. “Religious life still remains as a radical response to the Gospel in a particular historical cultural context,” the Sister of St Joseph said in Brisbane recently while undertaking a series of lectures.  “What does change is ... Read More »

ERDU’s Gospel message preached around the world


By Isaac Murphy EVANGELISATION Resources Down Under is set to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their Bible Institute initiative with a visit from an international scholar. ERDU began from humble traditions in Petrie parish with the simple mission of using the word of God to grow the faith. Since its establishment it’s been a meteoric rise for ERDU who distribute evangelisation ... Read More »

Pope gives step-by-step primer on contemplative prayer with Gospel

Pope Francis

TURN off the television, tune out the neighbours, and spend 10 or 15 minutes reading a Gospel passage and speaking to Jesus, Pope Francis told people at his early-morning Mass. “Today find 10 minutes – 15 at the most – and read the Gospel, imagine the scene and say something to Jesus. Nothing more. Your knowledge of Jesus will increase ... Read More »

Markets cannot be the answer to economic inequities, Pope says in book

Philippines girl in poverty

THE world cannot wait for an economic system that will cause poverty to fix itself, Pope Francis said. “Markets and financial speculation cannot enjoy absolute autonomy,” he said. There must be “programs, mechanisms and procedures aimed at a better distribution of resources, job creation and the integral advancement of those who are excluded”, he said in a recently published interview. ... Read More »

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