Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Tag Archives: dominican brother sebastian condon

Love in the time of COVID, placing Christ at the centre of all those 1.5 metres

MY six months of “pastoral placement” at a university in Sydney last year were something of a mitigated disappointment. I had been looking forward to daily engagements with students, lively discussions and a healthy dose of pub-related socialization. COVID put an end to most of those dreams. Students studied online, social engagements were almost non-existent, and the university forbade us ... Read More »

The difference between hope and optimism was born on Christmas day

A SEMINARIAN I know recently sent me a message that ended with the words – “Don’t lose optimism!” Being a Dominican, the innate “sed contra” that dwells within me could not help but respond – “Optimism is the belief that things will keep getting better and better; it is not the same thing as the infused Christian virtue of hope”. ... Read More »

Three brothers, a van and the Truth take to the road

“I HAVE learned that I have a deep fondness for the road,” Dominican Brother Reginald Chua said towards the end of a road trip from his Melbourne priory around the western half of Australia.  “There was something almost ethereal about driving along the Nullarbor, in the moments when my brothers were sleeping and there was nothing but silence, the endless flat road, ... Read More »

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