Thursday, March 4, 2021
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What women should know before calling new abortion hotline

Abortions available with phone call

By Emilie Ng PHONE abortions were made available to Australian women on Monday, but who are the service providers and where did they come from? An industry source told The Catholic Leader about unreported information regarding Tabbot Foundation, a new Australian group suddenly offering Australia-wide telephone consultation to receive toxic drug RU486 for $250. The information includes no search results for ... Read More »

Drawn into a pilgrimage with Jesus


By Carrie McCormack FOR me, being Catholic has looked different at different seasons of my life.  I had a vibrant childhood with six siblings and a busy young adult life.  I completed a bachelor’s degree and was employed as an allied health professional.   Rocking up to youth group was a habit but I still lived a worldly life.  I ... Read More »

Having a family and still keeping some friends


By Dom Meese I’M struggling with something. I’m grappling with the past. It’s not a mid life crisis, it’s more of an, “Oh my goodness I blinked and my life has been turned upside down” crisis. For those that know me, my wife and I have two beautiful kids under the age of two. They are absolutely the apple of ... Read More »

Welcome children, learn from them, Pope says

Pope Francis

CHILDREN are a blessing for humanity and for the Church, bringing new life and energy to families and society, Pope Francis said. Unfortunately, he said, too often children were society’s “great rejected ones, because they aren’t even allowed to be born!” Continuing a series of general audience talks about the family yesterday (March 18), Pope Francis said it was troubling ... Read More »

Children a blessing, not a burden, Pope says

Pope Francis and child

CHILDREN are a blessing, not a burden, and are a sign of the confident hope of a couple and of society, Pope Francis said. “If a family that has been generous in having children is looked upon as a burden, something’s wrong,” he said yesterday (February 11) at his weekly general audience. “The generation of children must be responsible,” as ... Read More »

Parenting help at fingertips

Parenting tips

EVERY one minute and 46 seconds an Australian becomes a parent and inevitably seeks guidance and support to help make parenting decisions easier.     Australia’s Raising Children Network provides easy-to-understand information – based on the best available science and research – relating to everyday parenting topics from pregnancy through to the teenage years. From crying and sleeping, tantrums, to ... Read More »

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