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Photo Copyright Notice

Please note the watermarks that appear on the images above will not be printed on your purchased copies.

Terms & Conditions

Change of mind or incorrect choice: Refunds will not be given on any change of mind or incorrect choice in regards to both image or size selected. The image displayed on the website is what you will receive – what you see is what you get.

Cancellations: will only be accepted within 24 hours after the order is placed & will incur a $5 cancellation fee if the photo has been printed.

Sizes: Please note that actual photo sizes may vary. Sizes quoted are the size of the paper and the image size may not totally fill the whole page because of the photo’s shape. (For example this will happen to photos that are particularly square in shape). The Catholic Leader will not refund on photos that have borders or do not fill the whole page.

Quality and colour: The Catholic Leader will endeavour to provide the best quality image available however some images, particularly old images, may appear a little grainy or slightly pixelated. Pixelation & graininess may also occur the more an image is enlarged. Refunds are at the discretion of The Catholic Leader staff & will only be granted if the pixelation or graininess is strongly noticeable.

Colour of images can vary slightly from the newsprint version which may have been altered & cannot be matched.

Historical/archived photos may be printed with scratches, spots, blurring, or may even be marked or drawn on from previous editorial use.

Complaints of damaged photos or other quality issues must be made by sending the image back via post with full details of your complaint along with all your orders details. Complaints must be made within 1 month from date of order. The Catholic Leader cannot resend or refund orders after this date. Please post back to:

Photo Sales

The Catholic Leader

GPO Box 282

Brisbane Q 4001


COPYRIGHT: All photographs on The Catholic Leader website are protected by copyright law. This means their use, and sale, is strictly controlled. It also means that some published photographs are not available because of copyright reasons.

All purchasers must adhere to our copyright rules that photographs are purchased for private and domestic use only. They cannot be resold, copied/scanned or displayed in a public place (including in public areas in a place of business) or republished in any way (including in digital format or on websites or the internet) without written permission from us. A copyright clearance fee may apply.

If you want to reproduce any photographs from The Catholic Leader, contact to organise copyright clearance. The Catholic Leader will need to know how you intend to use the photo – eg, magazine, newsletter, website? What is the print run? Will it be in Australia or Overseas? Fees may apply.

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