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We encourage you to comment and share your own thoughts by either commenting or uploading your own stories. All public comments will be monitored and will be premeditated before being approved. Below are the guidelines that stories must abide by to be approved by the editor.

Provide value to the reader

Write in a tone that most suits you, but be sure to look at your piece objectively: can anyone who reads this understand exactly what I’m trying to say? If the answer is ‘no,’ then it’s time to rewrite the piece. It’s important to remember that your article must provide some sort of value to the reader. It’s OK to be funny, but don’t overdo it. Remember: people are reading your article to improve their lives. Laughter is always good, but so is helpful information.

Unique Content

Make sure the content is unique, we do search for duplicate content and if we find the article on another site, we will reject your submission automatically. It’s beneficial for you to submit content that is unique.

Spell check and Grammar check

We do read through every submission and will make changes as required. However, if the article is riddled with required grammar changes and misspellings, your submission probably won’t get approved. If it’s a good article we may send it back to you and ask for it to be redone’ When it comes down to it, aim to have fun with your article and don’t hold back! It’s nice to have articles that cover a variety of subjects, just make sure they’re relevant to Catholic themes and news worthy – include recent data, trends. Your article doesn’t have to be specifically about Catholicism, but if it touches on something under the religious banner then it will usually hit the mark! If you happen to have any questions feel free to email us. We are more than happy to help you get your entry posted. Submissions should be in English only,


You are allowed a maximum of 1 external link to your own site and 2 external links to references that are not on your own site. A guest author box is already provided with the follow links, please don’t ruin your chances of being published by trying to fill up your post with self promoting links There are to be NO AFFILIATE LINKS, doing so could see your contributor status removed and post deleted!

Story Formatting Guide


  • Create a catchy headline. It should attract attention and it should briefly describe your article.
  • Please don’ exceed more than 10 words for the headline.


  • Keep stories to a maximum length of 500 words
  • Keep paragraphs to a single sentence.
  • Check your text for spelling errors.
  • Avoid making accusations and offensive language.
  • Story submissions should include your byline (author’s name).


  • The Catholic Leader accepts unsolicited articles and photographs on the understanding that their publication is entirely at the discretion of the Editor.
  • The Editor reserves the right to edit all articles without consultation with the author.
  • The Catholic Leader does not accept or publish poetry.
  • Due to the high volume of submissions we receive daily, we are unable to provide confirmation of receipt for emails/posted mail.

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