Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Pro-life voices needed

QUEENSLAND Senator Ron Boswell has indicated he is willing to introduce a private member’s bill in Federal Parliament to curb the tragically high number of abortions in this country.

This is on condition that Catholics and other pro-life supporters generate a sufficiently vigorous community debate to ensure the success of such a bill.

He makes a valid point. He is wasting his time if the community does not stand up and voice its support for an end to abortion.

There is already growing evidence that people will support moves to curb abortions when they are given the facts, particularly when they are informed there is one abortion for every 2.8 births in Australia.

This is murder on a grand scale!

Considering the concern about Australia’s falling birth rate, there can be little to justify the continuation of such easy access to abortion.

Written by: Staff writers
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