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Pro-lifer tells critics ‘God loves you’

“No matter where you are, no matter what you’ve done, God loves you.”

When you all come along to the March for the Babies in Melbourne in October of next year, and I hope you will be there, please remember these words.

They are the words that I encourage you to say quietly and calmly into the ears of those from the pro-abortion lobby behaving despicably in front of you.

Going on the shockingly disgusting behaviour of those present this year who were touting pro-abortion slogans and holding pro-abortion signs, they won’t be giving up any time soon.

But neither will we.

We will continue to be calm and peaceful, even in the face of protest.

 It is the only way to win hearts and minds over to the protection of God’s precious preborn infants.

Attending the MFTB in Melbourne on Saturday, October 12, I witnessed the most appalling signs, language and hand gestures from the pro-abortion activists, but at no time did I feel anger or loathing.

My mother’s heart instead ached for where these mostly young people were in their lives, wondering what had led them to the point where they felt this horrid behaviour was the only way to put forward their views on abortion.

 Had some of them been told that they would have been better off being aborted?

Had some of them had abortions?

Were they unloved and under-valued in their own homes?  Had they been sexually abused – a profaning of a sacred area of their body – which had led them to believe that their body and the body of preborn babies were worth nothing?

As I looked across the human barrier of approximately 14 policemen, I mouthed repeatedly to one young girl on the pro-abortion side, “I love you, God loves you.  Will you talk to me?”

I could see her eyes start to well up and after some time, this lost-looking young girl nodded slightly – a breakthrough – and I motioned to the footpath.

We both made our way over to the side to talk but when we were within about a metre of each other, one of her pro-abortion colleagues called to her.

She turned and looked at them and then almost helplessly “went back to the fold”.

The ungodly forces weren’t going to let go of her that easily.  She slipped into the pro-abortion crowd and I didn’t see her again.

It is not just for the babies that we march and pray – it is for girls like her.

We march as a peaceful public display of our care for the sanctity of human life, born and unborn, pro-life lives and particularly for the lives (and souls) of the pro-abortion activists.

If we don’t speak love into their lives, who will?

They may never hear it anywhere else.

We need to help them give God a chance to change their hearts.

See you in Melbourne in October 2014.

By Teresa Martin president of Cherish Life Queensland.

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