Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Praying for a return of faith

FR Kevin Ryan’s column “Real Life” (“One simple act of faith”, CL 26/7/09) is not surprising.

The Catholic faith, built on the blood of Christ and His many martyrs and enduring for 2000 years has been vandalised by those charged with its leadership in just 40 years since Vatican II.

The laity did not cause it, they simply acquiesced and followed.

The laity did not:

  1. ban the celebration of the Latin Mass, nor did Vatican II
  2. adopt the new form of Mass in the vernacular, which some clergy vary to suit their own whims. 
  3. Dissolve the religious associations, for example Holy Name Society, Children of Mary etc, nor did Vatican II
  4. ban the public manifestations of faith, for example Corpus Christi processions, nor did Vatican II
  5. ban the much loved and practised devotions – First Friday, First Saturday, Sunday evening Rosary and Benediction, nor did Vatican II.

The faith was centred around the Latin Mass with its mystique, solemnity, reverence and mysteries.

Now “folk hymns” replace those sung enthusiastically to the honour, glory and devotion to God, Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

Mankind cannot regulate itself, as evidenced by the current global economic crisis.

Mankind relies on leadership as our Lord said when he viewed the crowds, “They are like sheep without a shepherd.”

We lack leadership and we rely on “mumbo-jumbo”, “feeling good” and the hype, pomp and circumstance of such as World Youth Day which has not brought the youth nor their parents back to the Church and the practise of the faith.

Indeed many of our leaders cannot agree among themselves on our principles of faith and morality.

God help us. I pray constantly and earnestly for that help and so should everyone who holds their faith dear.

Mundingburra, Qld

Written by: Staff writers
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