Friday, August 14, 2020
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Powerless Against Abortion

WE read and hear a lot about sensational Catholic women’s issues and activities, such as women wanting to be priests.

However, other issues which are far more important in priority terms to the well-being and growth of our Catholic communities and to all Australians seem to be very much overlooked.

The whole issue of abortion on demand in Australia appears to be evaded and avoided in certain Catholic circles.

In Australian society there is now a deep ideological war occurring on the issue of abortion on demand.

What is and should be of paramount concern to all Catholics is that those who condone the practice appear to be winning, and that at the present time, the Catholic Church in Australia appears to be somewhat powerless to stand its ground against this divisive and tragic practice.

The Catholic Church in Australia appears to have very little weaponry available to counter-attack. There definitely appears to be very little practical strategic support available to health care workers who are constantly pressured to address this issue.

I believe the strongest and most successful weaponry to oppose and counter abortion on demand must be constructed and initiated by the Catholic women of Australia in solidarity.

I am very keen to learn of current Catholic women’s strategies and the overall Australian Catholic Church’s strategies which have already been implemented to counter this dreadful situation.

URSULA MILLER Thornlands, Qld

Written by: Staff writers
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