Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Pilgrims’ lesson

IT is difficult to know where to start when one has been overwhelmed by the events of a week-long pilgrimage to Uluru with the heads of Churches and their youth representatives to meet the people who display the true spirit of Australia in their lives every day.

For the pilgrims, the mission was to listen to the voices of the people we met along the way and in turn to learn about more about ourselves.

That mission was accomplished in many ways and each pilgrim has returned home with a new perspective and understanding of this land. The role of every pilgrim now is to convey the lessons we have learnt and share the stories we have heard.

The Catholic Leader will try to convey some of those experiences this week and next week through words and pictures.

The overriding message is that reconciliation is not just a word. It’s a journey on which every one of us needs to embark.

Written by: Staff writers
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