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Young children easily learn to love Mary

A SALUTE to the St Rita’s Parish Rosary Group, Victoria Point, on fostering love of the Rosary among primary school pupils, as reported in The Catholic Leader, June 15.

Teachers know that young children identify with Mary as a gentle, loving Mother.

 It is easy and natural for them, and they love learning how to pray with – and cherish – their Rosary beads.

 Quite by coincidence, this theme is echoed in the “Have Your Say” page of the same edition by Peter Lutze, of Palm Beach, when he points to the “overwhelming religious illiteracy” in Catholic schools, due to the loss of Catholic identity in the formative years of our children – echoing the concern of our bishops.

 The remedy – as the inspired group at St Rita’s points out – is the Holy Rosary, which brings young children to love Our Lady.

And in loving her, inevitably they are led (by her) to love her Divine Son and the Holy Trinity.

It gives them a painless and fruitful exposure to their faith, and makes subsequent introduction to more-advanced theology follow naturally.

 Older Catholics like myself have never ceased regretting that, post-Vatican II, the beautiful Children of Mary organisation seems to have been abandoned.

And even the adult Legion of Mary is struggling to survive in many parishes, because the young people are lost while still at school. Please, please, bring back devotion to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, starting with children from an early age.

Cedric Wright
Mt Warren, QLD

Written by: Staff writers
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