Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Where would we be?

WHAT a blessing and timely gift from God, was the emerging of Francis, as our pope and motivator.

His communication to the Prime Minister, in advance of the G20 summit, may just motivate members of our Australian Church leadership group, to engage more robustly in the areas of national administration that impact upon the ideals promoted with limited success from the pulpits.

Pope Francis directed his letter to our Prime Minister, however it was the American leader who illustrated the true compassion and intelligence that is lacking in the Abbott-Morrison recent contempt for the international UNHCR immigration standards. Have a look around your parish, my fellow Catholics, and ask this question: “Where would the Catholic Church in Queensland be were it not for the Asian, African, Indian and allied priests and nuns who have compensated for our declining vocational commitment over several decades?”

If you fellow readers wish to promote the message of “truth” concerning the Catholic faith, consider giving a relation or friend a subscription to The Catholic Leader this Christmas and spread the Word beyond the 10 per cent who currently are reading and hearing the message of Francis.

Tom King
Mansfield, QLD

Written by: Staff writers
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