Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Time to speak out for farmers

POOR Prime Minister Tony Abbott could never get a pat on the back in the The Catholic Leader pages for mostly anything, especially with regard to the G20 Summit, although the Holy Father was gracious in his letter of his hopes for the leaders.

One would think that the political arm of the archdiocese, the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission would be more outspoken on the reality faced by Fr Matthew Moloney at Longreach (“Priest speaks out for farmers”, CL November 23).

A major cause for concern could also be, with a change of government in Victoria, the law to restrict religious freedom is to be reinstated and also to enshrine in legislation to make education on gay, lesbian and transsexuals in state schools compulsory.

Promotion of the mantra of “global warming”, that maybe only the reality of continuing weather patterns the world has experienced before for centuries, seems to be a part of a worldwide agenda for something that we are never told of.

The Church surely has far more concerns than popular feel-good agendas.

John A Gates
Hamilton, QLD

Written by: Guest Contributor
Catholic Church Insurance

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