Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Real issues addressed

HOW refreshing was the letter published from John Morris, in The Catholic Leader’s letters of March 15.

John redirected attention to the real, but issues that are afforded only cursory attention by our political assembly and the circus-and-cake media majority.

The disproportionate attention directed by our Prime Minister and his Foreign Affairs Minister, to the Indonesian criminal appeal process affecting two individuals, contrasts the criminal indifference to the annual slaughter of our 100,000 potential Australians.

The alternative of adoption is at a 10-year low, with not one extra dollar or initiative being organised by these political leaders, or our Catholic strategists.

The photograph published complimenting the new pastor for Petrie parish illustrates just how significantly, we here in Queensland and Australia, depend on the vocations that save our faith, vocations from Asia, Africa and poor, persecuted nation states we hear nothing from, but for our true “voice”, The Catholic Leader.

Tom King
Mansfield, Qld

Written by: Guest Contributor
Catholic Church Insurance

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