Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Human sexuality

IN a recent ABC TV interview federal Labor leader Bill Shorten boasted of having “stood up to the Australian Christian Lobby over ‘same-sex marriage’”.

Unfortunately, it seems many modern-day so-called Catholics see themselves as free to agree with him.

Likewise, and while we should all reject bullying, our society’s laws and actions no longer extend proper protection to the vulnerable unborn who are selectively and very cruelly maimed and killed without so much as an anaesthetic.

Are the kids ever made aware of this – or just lied to or made to feel bad when bold enough to ask?

No wonder many fail to understand the modern concept of “social justice” that ignores and hence fails to condemn abortion, or deal with the truth about human sexuality.

J Loring
Taigum, Qld

Written by: Guest Contributor
Catholic Church Insurance

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