Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Christians stand up

DEFENDERS of the Christian model of marriage and family are being abused in the media because of the silent majority of Christians who will not stand up for their faith.

The Toowoomba Chronicle last week indicated “Toowoomba residents have responded angrily to a TV ad campaign targeting the same-sex marriage lobby”.

How is it that highlighting problems with an issue that is actually illegal in this state is reported with such a strong bias towards transgressors?

The same happens when an unfortunately low number of Christians speak out against the tragedy of abortion in which unborn babies are killed and their parents left with a plethora of medical, emotional, mental health and relationship problems.

Media consistently portrays defenders of life as ignorant, anti-female low-lifes.

Two drug smugglers are in danger of dying for their crimes and there is an uproar, and endless lobbying by Church and state.

That is great but what about the 2000 babies that will die this week from abortion?

What about the mothers of those babies who are not offered information about the developing child within or the risks associated with abortion?

At the Rally For Life (The Catholic Leader, March 15) it was highlighted that in a democracy, if we as Christians do not make known our views on marriage, family and life we are complicit in the ongoing denigration of the right to hold Christian values.

Write to your local newspaper.

Write to your local, state and Commonwealth member.

Tell them you are an advocate for the sanctity of life and of the God-willed family.

Ask them if they will fight for Christian values in the party room and the parliament.

Acknowledge the need to support broken and disordered parents and families, but not to promote broken and disordered as the norm or the acceptable standard.

Pray like it all depends on God but work like it all depends on you and me.

Paul Webb
Toowoomba, QLD

Written by: Guest Contributor
Catholic Church Insurance

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