Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Appreciating being Catholic today

WE have had many letters from committed Catholics in The Catholic Leader in recent weeks questioning the nature of the current state of Church life.

What fascinates me is that these correspondents obviously attend Mass on a regular basis and yet never seem to hear much from the pulpit to stimulate their thinking and help them get some comfort in the current crisis.

Perhaps a good starting point for looking at the current state of Church life is a book published in 1996. The title is “Salt of the Earth”.

It is a 300-page conversation between Peter Seewald and Joseph Ratzinger (then a cardinal).

In that book, Seewald asks all the hard questions, from sexual ethics through Latin liturgies to the intellectual challenges of the Enlightenment.

Cardinal Ratzinger fields them all, and more.

He provides insightful answers.

Even if one does not agree with everything he says, he faces up to the difficult issues with depth, conviction and charity to all.

Obviously there are many other publications to be accessed.

The sadness is that being an active church-goer does not seem to provide the opportunity for such information to be brought before congregations in a way that resources their appreciation and enjoyment of being Catholic.

Vincent Hodge
Paddington, QLD

Written by: Guest Contributor
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