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Leaving room for God

Leaving room for God

By Adam Burns

THE end of one year and the transition into the next is always an exciting time. Fireworks displays and New Year Parties celebrate new and fresh beginnings.

It struck me this year that the part of the New Year’s celebrations I enjoy the most is the montages – the review of the previous year through images and stories.

These montages recognise the significant moments of the year just gone and are filled with scenes of momentous achievements and of painful loss.

It struck me watching these scenes that there’s no way of knowing going into the year what scenes will be montage-worthy by the end of the year.

These montages remind us that the moments of our life do have an impact, even if we don’t realise it in the moment.

When we reflect back on our lives we can see turning points, or moments of significance, moments that are central to the story of who we are as individuals. Looking back on my own life, it has been in the moments when I least expected it that I experienced the most growth.

We’re reminded that as we go through life, there is no knowing the impact or power of our actions, both in our own lives and the lives of others.

A word, a simple gift, a gesture or a helping hand has the potential to transform the life of another, as cliché’ as that may sound.

Thus discernment isn’t just about making decisions about career or state of life; it’s about making choices informed by the hope that who I am matters for this world.

A discerning attitude is one we should adopt every day of the year, not just for the big decisions.

Such an attitude reminds us to seek God’s guidance in all moments.

The start of a New Year brings new resolutions and goals.

While aiming forward is definitely important, it’s also valuable to leave some room for God to do the unexpected.

We have our dreams and our goals, but we also pray for God to lead us and inspire us as we take our daily journey.

As we begin  2015 it’s important to reflect on our own “personal montages” – the significant moments of my past year.

What were the momentous achievements?

What were the painful losses?

In looking back we can make stronger resolutions for the year ahead.

In 2015 let us be people of hope, who believe our lives matter.  Let our prayer be that as we take the next twelve-month journey that our lives would be full of significant moments.

Adam Burns is a Vocations Officer for the Vocations Brisbane team. 

Written by: Guest Contributor
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