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Guiding light for vocations

Sharing the faith: Patrick Ransom.

Sharing the faith: Patrick Ransom.

By Patrick Ransom

THE Vocations Office Roadshow this year has continued to connect with people both locally and nationally; preaching, speaking to and conversing with groups as diverse as the Catholic Church itself.

As a young and newly-married Catholic man, I had already grown used to preaching “God’s calling”.

This came largely from explaining my motivations for buying an engagement ring at age 19 and marrying at age 20 – little did I know I had already begun training for the work I had ahead.

I joined the Vocation Brisbane team shortly after my wedding in June this year.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people from various walks of life, sharing the Church’s teachings and my own experiences with the Catholic concept of vocation.

Our presence in schools allows us to speak with older students discerning their short and long-term future decisions, as well as to share with students of all ages about God’s calling in their lives. Many school communities have worked with Vocation Brisbane in sharing this message to thousands of lives this past year.

For some students, it will simply be their only opportunity to hear a young Catholic man speak about his faith.

For others, they will approach us after our presentations and ask how they can further discern their vocations.

These are the interactions, which give context to the importance of our ministry.

The Vocations Office Roadshow parish visits allow vocations director Fr Morgan Batt to celebrate Mass and to speak the word of vocation at the pulpit.

This is also a time when we are able to hand out our resources before and after Mass, and to speak with parishioners about our message.

We are always welcomed warmly by the host parishes and parishioners – the younger ones quickly grabbing the wristbands, the parents taking pamphlets for their children, and the teens and young adults often hanging around for a chat and asking simply “what are you guys all about?”

Each of these exchanges is a platform for the Holy Spirit to move in the heart of the person and for their ears to be opened to the calling of the Lord.

In addition to our own events, Vocation Brisbane is frequently invited to facilitate, collaborate or attend various other events, both locally and nationally.

Our role in each of these varies greatly, but they each allow the office to encourage a culture of vocations in the Church in Australia.

We have recently attended events in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and locally within the Archdiocese of Brisbane and Queensland.

Thanks to the breadth of the presence of the Vocations Office Roadshow, our resources are now spread far and wide across Australia.

Having been a witness for only a short time to the works of Vocation Brisbane, I am looking forward to the future of our ministry.

Patrick Ransom is a vocations officer for the Vocations Brisbane team.

Seeking your call? Contact Vocation Brisbane for more information or discernment opportunities.

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