Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Give Us a Truce for Christmas

TWO thousand years since the birth of Christ and still the world is being plagued by racism, inequality and war.

In the 20th century alone, the world went to war twice. In more recent times, in the Balkans, in parts of Africa, East Timor and the Holy Land, to name a few of the trouble spots, the intolerance of others on the basis of race, politics or religion has led to the torture and slaughter of innocent people.

It is particularly disturbing that even in Christ’s birthplace of Bethlehem, violence and hatred is driving people to take up arms against their neighbours.

God’s love is lacking in so many places. On this anniversary of Jesus’ birth, it would be a small sign of hope if all sides could call a truce to the violence around the world and celebrate together.

Perhaps this is just a pipe dream, but as long as there is a God, miracles do happen.

Written by: Staff writers
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