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Birth brings joy, sadness

READING the letter of Dr Damien MacGinley (CL 12/6/09), I just wish there were many more doctors speaking up and against the ghastly act of abortion.

I just came home from Townsville hospital where I spent two weeks with my granddaughter who gave birth to a baby boy 12 weeks prematurely, weighing 1300 grams.

When I saw this little baby, tears ran over my face and I quietly said “Thanks be to God” for this new life. At the same time I felt so sad about other babies whose lives have been cut short by abortion – yes, at this age and at this size.

There were other premmies as small as 700 grams, lovingly cared for by wonderful staff and parents.

And yet this law of abortion is available in Victoria, and up to six months and, with agreement of two doctors, up to nine months.

It is unbelievable that anybody can justify such actions. Please do not make excuses, every baby has a right to life.

At the same hospital a very courageous mum and dad are waiting the birth of a baby girl, knowing since 20 weeks’ gestation that it cannot live, and of course they were given a chance to terminate but they declined and said “We have loved her from day one, a child is a child no matter what”.

I praised them for their great choice. I don’t have to add to Dr MacGinley’s criticism of Mr Obama, I totally agree.

When I talk to some people and let them know my opinion, I have been told more than once, “but before two or three months” or whatever time, “it is only a tissue or a blob” or any other degrading name.

But if the parents want it, it is called a baby from day one.

And I wait for the day that at least once a year I will hear a sermon about the evils of abortion.

Even Catholics seem to think there are excuses for abortion.

Gatton, Qld

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