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Adoption Option Preferable

I REFER to your front page report, “Frozen Generation” (CL 21/1/01): Dominican Father Anthony Fisher is quoted as saying, “But this (embryo adoption) is not without its problems … such as the genealogical bewilderment which we now know is suffered by many of the Aboriginal stolen generation, many adopted people and many children of donor insemination and IVF”.

May I draw Fr Fisher’s attention to two items:

  1. The Catholic Leader’s report “Pope’s plea to respect families” (22/10/00): “The Pope encouraged couples who may not be able to have their own children to turn to adoption, a ‘true exercise of charity that places children’s well-being before parental needs’.”
  2. “Releasing the Past … Adoption Practices 1950-1998 … Final Report” (Standing Committee on Social Issues, NSW Legislative Council) 10.96:

“While the adoption experience has been traumatic for the majority of people involved in this inquiry, the committee understands that for many people, including mothers, fathers, adoptees and their families, adoption has been a life-long and rewarding experience which has not caused long-term distress and suffering.”

There is little hard evidence to support the anecdotal claims of a small group of people that adopted people suffer genealogical bewilderment. Fewer than 10 per cent of adopted people in Australia have initiated a search for their biological parents since the adoption records were opened.

Research into the emotional well-being of adopted people from Western Australia and South Australia support the success of adoption for the children.

Surely adoption is preferable to being flushed down the laboratory sinks.

RITA M. CARROLL Coorparoo, Qld

Written by: Staff writers
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