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Act in Spirit of Humility

THE letters page (CL 22/4/01) contains an interesting range of views – thank heavens for The Leader that it continues to print opinions “across the board”.

The letter that particularly caught my eye was Doug McClarty’s on prostitution. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what he’s saying.

It is fine for Christians to be idealistic about what should happen in society, but governments have to deal with practical realities, safe-injecting rooms for example.

I personally don’t think Church agencies should enter this field, but if governments see a need to try and regulate this situation at its base, I for one will not object.

The Christian Church still has much to offer society. We have a personal God who loves us in every “nook and cranny” of our being. We have a God who continually calls us back in spite of our stumbling humanity.

Jesus did challenge the woman caught in adultery to “sin no more”, but I’m sure if she failed again that he didn’t “black list” her!

Doug says that Christians should oppose immoral laws and behaviours. Perhaps we can, as Jesus did, objectively judge someone’s external behaviour, but we can never judge their motives or situation.

I do not see legalisation of euthanasia as a positive step forward for mankind. I wonder what legalised suicide will do to the spirits of our young – we already have one of the highest levels of youth suicide in the western world.

Philip Nitschke obviously feels compelled to fight on to see mercy-killing accepted in society. I disagree with what he is pushing for, but I do not see him as an “evil” man.

Perhaps in current society the Church needs to hold fast to the middle ground. Maybe the Church will only become the light in the world when people of conscience continue to act in a spirit of humility, patience and tolerance, in a spirit of Christ-like love.


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