Monday, January 18, 2021
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Abortion and massacres

I WRITE this letter to complement many letters to your “Have your say” segment over the last few months which have highlighted one major issue, abortion.

It is interesting to read the article on Srebrenica which called the massacre Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II (CL 24/7/05).

Just working off the Australian figures of 90,000 abortions per year (which is in my belief lower than reality – more like 120,000), isn’t it amazing that this politically correct world now calls them “terminations” so as not to evoke too much emotion and consequently too much opposition?

Just last week a morning presenter on Brisbane ABC radio (Steve Austin) claimed that the untainted pro-life description of the murderous behaviour of an abortion clinic was “distasteful”.

Isn’t it amazing that German concentration camps are now memorials and constant reminders of the atrocities the world should never again let happen, yet police arrest pro-life protesters outside our suburban “death camps” called (politically correctly) “fertility clinics” or “surgicentres”.

Our camps actually advertise for willing conspirators and charge handsomely for the privilege. Why can’t the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Medicare on these procedures be spent on real health?

It is ironic how for thousands of years we did not need the aid of DNA technology to tell us abortion was immoral and illegal. Now modern policing uses DNA to arrest murderers of the born but ignores the science which clearly shows the unborn baby has his or her own DNA.

Modern lawmakers seem to swallow verbatim the “my body, my choice” catchcry of the guilty conspirators who would have you believe at birth the DNA somehow becomes unique and different from the mother. Utter nonsense.

Surely in our litigious society there is just one truly brilliant and gutsy lawyer in Australia who will chance his/her arm at, and succeed in prosecuting a doctor with conspiracy to murder, for recommending an abortion as “treatment” for an unwanted or somewhat less than perfect unborn baby.

Surely this is possible, especially in Queensland where abortion is still illegal but a blind eye is turned.

I cannot wait for the perfect society for which we are meant to be destined, because we exterminate the unwanted or imperfect. What is next? Euthanase children we can no longer afford, become sick or we decide we are bored with them?

Australia and the world need to wake up or God help us all.


Clayfield, Qld

Written by: Staff writers
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