Thursday, January 21, 2021
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The Life Ahead

The Life Ahead

NEW YORK (CNS) — Six years after her most recent role in her son Edoardo Ponti’s film “Human Voice,” fabled actress Sophia Loren returns to the screen in “The Life Ahead” (Netflix). Already playing in theaters, the Italian-language drama, subtitled in English, will be available on the streaming service beginning Nov. 13. The pleasure with which viewers might otherwise greet ... Read More »

Church in Trinidad advocates planting crops to boost food security

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CNS) — Archbishop Jason Gordon of Port of Spain has been calling on people to grow more food in recent months. His encouragement has been particularly urgent following widespread job losses in Trinidad beginning with a state-ordered lockdown in March in response to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. Thousands of new clients have flocked to Catholic ... Read More »

Eta deluges Central America, Mexico, leaving scores dead, thousands homeless

MEXICO CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims of Hurricane Eta, which deluged Central America, claimed at least 50 lives and caused widespread flooding and property damage. After reciting the Angelus Nov. 8, he referred to a flag in the audience and said, “I see a flag there that makes me think of the people of Central ... Read More »

Biden quotes priest’s hymn ‘On Eagle’s Wings’ in victory speech

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Father Michael Joncas was watching President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech Nov. 7, but not even he was expecting Biden to quote from his well-known hymn “On Eagle’s Wings.” Biden gave an fairly lengthy introduction to the hymn in his remarks. “In the last days of the campaign, I began thinking about a hymn that means a lot ... Read More »

Martin Eden

NEW YORK (CNS) — “The more he studied, the more vistas he caught of fields of knowledge yet unexplored, and the regret that days were only twenty-four hours long became a chronic complaint with him.” So wrote Jack London of the eponymous working-class hero of his 1909 novel “Martin Eden,” the story of one man’s desperate attempt to better himself ... Read More »

Alex Trebek dies at 80; host of ‘Jeopardy!’ was educated in Catholic schools

By Carol Zimmermann WASHINGTON (CNS) — When the death of Alex Trebek — beloved longtime host of “Jeopardy!” — was announced, celebrities and fans around the country took to social media to express their grief. Many did this in the form of a question, paying tribute to the format of the game show Trebek hosted for 36 years. Trebek, a ... Read More »

‘Violence in the name of God is the ultimate contradiction’, Archbishop Coleridge says after French attacks

‘Violence in the name of God is the ultimate contradiction’, Archbishop Coleridge says after French attacks

BRISBANE Archbishop Mark Coleridge has joined church leaders from around the world condemning the killing of three people in southern France – hacked to death in Nice’s Notre Dame Basilica while preparing for morning Mass. “Violence in the name of God is the ultimate contradiction and is utterly abhorrent, whatever historic injustices are invoked to justify it,” Archbishop Coleridge, who ... Read More »

Bishop Barron said keep ‘eyes fixed on Jesus’ amid calamity in US politics

Bishop Barron said keep ‘eyes fixed on Jesus’ amid calamity in US politics

BY removing God from the public arena, Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron said other fundamental rights and values had become endangered. When a society and legislation decided who lived and died, that land was morally and legally compromised, he said. In an interview with Zenit, the American prelate reflected on his prayer for his nation amid a pandemic and ... Read More »

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