Monday, January 20, 2020
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Wed Archbishop Renounces Wife

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who married in a ceremony performed by the Rev Sun Myung Moon in May, has written to Pope John Paul II renouncing his ties to his Korean wife and Rev Moon’s movement.

“At this moment I recommit with all my heart to my life in the Catholic Church,” the Zambian archbishop said in an August 11 letter released by the Vatican on August 14.

The archbishop’s 43 year-old Korean wife, Maria Sung, denounced the letter as either fake or coerced through drugs and said she was sure the Vatican was holding her husband prisoner.

Speaking at a Rome press conference hours after the letter’s release, she renewed a vow to fast to death unless the archbishop, a 71 year-old former Vatican official, resumed married life with her.

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