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Students cheer for Jesus after seeing mysterious skywriting

holy cross students with skywriting

Cheering: Holy Cross School students Alice Carter, Macie Macann, Ava Anderson, Indi Pennell, Isabel Nagel and Mia Rider cheer for Jesus as his name appeared in the sky.

THE first letters “T” and “R” had students almost certain the skywriting pilot was going to spell out United States President Donald Trump’s surname as they looked skyward from their oval at Holy Cross School, Wooloowin, last Wednesday morning.

By the time the full phrase was spelled out – “Trust in Jesus” – students had gone up with a roar, chanting “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” and a conga-line had even appeared, led by the Year One girls.

One young schoolboy even told a teacher that he thought God had written it in the sky.

Assistant principal for religious education Michelle McClafferty said it “reminded the children that God’s around us all the time”.

“There’s moments of miracles everywhere,” she said.

Ms McClafferty had no idea the skywriting was going to happen.

She was supervising the students before school when the skywriting first appeared and said the students were “really excited obviously to see skywriting in general because it’s not something you see every day”.

Written in the sky: The message to Trust in Jesus.

“And with the little children, it was almost like an English lesson, watching each letter appear and determine what the word may be,” she said.

“We were all quite surprised when it was ‘Trust in Jesus’; it was something different you wouldn’t normally see.”

Ms McClafferty said it was a lovely surprise to start a school day and she was glad she happened to be there to capture it on camera.

“Those moments happen and they’re even more special when you can capture them and share them, and the beauty of them grows as you can share it,” she said.

While the source of the skywriting remained a mystery, some teachers had told Ms McClafferty it was part of an advertising campaign for a Bible app.

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