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Stanthorpe Vinnies searching for owners of ‘precious’ photos dating back to late 1800s

Vinnies Stanthorpe photo collection

Hoping to find owners: Vinnies helpers (front, from left) Carmel Mahoney and Debbie Craven, (back, from left) Cheryl Carletti and Dorothy Pappagallo.

VOLUNTEERS in Vinnies Stanthorpe, within Toowoomba diocese, were thinking outside the donation box.

In recent weeks the Creek Street outlet displayed a treasure trove of photo memorabilia found mostly “within books and furniture drawers” over the last six years.

Centre co-ordinator Debbie Craven hoped visitors would assist to return the photos to rightful owners.

“If we recognise anyone (in the photos), I ring up and get them back to their owners straight away,” Mrs Craven said.

“(But) these are the ones we couldn’t recognise anyone.”

“She can’t throw them away, they’re too precious,” Vinnies volunteer Carmel Mahoney said.

The collection potentially dates back to the late 1800s with others seemingly more recent.

A number of volunteers were involved in putting the display together, for the second time, and will continue for a short time.

“I hope people can come in and take home the photos that might be theirs or that they recognise people in,” Mrs Craven said.

“That’s a good one,” Mrs Mahoney said, admiring the collection.

“Yes, that’s someone’s son,” Mrs Craven said.

On August 24, Vinnies volunteers were keenly involved in a local fashion parade as part of Seniors’ Week.

Mrs Craven, eight volunteers, a “ring in” model and members of the not-for-profit organisation Community Development Services organised the “Broadway themed” fashion parade with donated clothing.

“We were modelling clothes that looked similar to the Broadway images that were shown,” Mrs Craven said.

“There was a hippy outfit, another that looked like someone from Grease (the movie), and the one I loved most was an outfit from perhaps the late 40s, with (the song) Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

The clothes were displayed and able to be bought after the fashion parade in what Mrs Craven said was “a great community event”.

To contact the St Vincent de Paul op shop, Stanthorpe, in Toowoomba Diocese, call (07) 4681 1996.

The centre’s hours are 9am to 4pm weekdays and 9am to noon Saturdays.

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