Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Small Blessings has community getting on board

Important message: Janice Everingham in front of a GOA digital billboard.

TEN Goa billboards overlooking roads and pedestrian centres across Brisbane were sharing Small Blessings as part of Brisbane archdiocese’s campaign for hope in times of pandemic.

The 10 sites ran from May 4 until today.

One of the blessings displayed on the billboards came from Janice Everingham, a parishioner from The Gap, whose message was – “Health carers who help me be my best”.

In 2019, she had been resuscitated by Brisbane emergency workers following an asthma attack.

“The latest medical and allied health knowledge support me to enjoy an independent lifestyle,” she said.

“Times of change and stress bring me to consider the big picture, the long term view so far, and I am amazed and grateful for countless blessings that helped take me through the losses, even trauma, we all experience.

“I got a mild shock, wishing I could hide, when I saw my name on a large billboard.

“However, my convictions are that nothing trumps being alive, that overcoming hardships means reaching out for supports, and enjoying the wonder that surrounds us, in which we thrive.

“Most importantly, gratitude helps lift our spirits.”

GOA managing director John Tyquin was happy to share the message.

“When we heard about Small Blessings we thought it was a great initiative and were excited to get on board to take the message to more members of the community, through our digital billboards,” Mr Tyquin said.

“Everyone has been faced with some form of challenge during COVID-19 but there have been some silver linings as well, the acts of kindness seen in the community have reminded us of the good that continues to exist and we have also seen people continually acknowledge the small things in life like family, health and happiness that we sometimes take for granted.

0“Hope and positivity are two important messages to be spreading during this time and we were glad GOA could be involved.”

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