Friday, October 30, 2020
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Sheen miracle claims

PEORIA, Illinois (CNS): Documentation of two alleged miracles attributed to the intercession of the late US Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen have been sent to Rome as part of the promotion of his sainthood cause.

The cases were investigated and documented and, following ceremonies in Peoria and Pittsburgh, documentation was sealed and prepared for delivery to the Vatican Congregation for Saints’ Causes for further study.

The documents tell the story of the recovery of Therese Kearney, who suffered a tear in her main pulmonary artery during surgery in December 1999.

When her husband, Frank, was told there was little chance for his wife’s survival, he prayed to Archbishop Sheen, whom he had long admired.

Ms Kearney, then in her early 70s, survived, and died only recently.

The second case involves the claim of a miraculous healing of a gravely ill Pittsburgh infant who recovered after his parents prayed for Archbishop Sheen’s intercession.

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