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Saving lives

Ella King, Beatrice Piat and Eve King showed up to support the annual Rally for Life campaign, publicly witnessing to life in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD

By Emilie Ng

PARENTS cuddled their young when Victorian MP Bernie Finn said at Brisbane’s Rally for Life that it was “a national disgrace” that 100,000 babies are killed each year.

Mr Finn was one of four speakers calling for an end to abortions at the annual pro-life event held at Queens Park on Saturday, March 7.

More than 200 supporters, including high numbers of young parents and children, braved possible public harassment to stand up for unborn babies.

Mr Finn quoted Prime Minister Tony Abbot, who as health minister in 2004, said 100,000 abortions a year was “a national tragedy”.

“It is not just a national tragedy, it is a national shame,” Mr Finn said.

“It is a national shame that we have places, buildings, that are there for one reason and one reason alone and that is to kill babies.”

Mr Finn said any living Australian under 40 was “a survivor” when compared with the high rate of abortions over the last 40 years.

“You know, in the last 40 years in this country, four million babies, tiny Australians, have been murdered, legally, and sometimes, not legally,” he said.

“They have been murdered by abortion.

“Now, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t make me proud.

“We have a duty, we have a calling, to stand up for babies.”

Encouraged by Mr Finn’s address, Queensland state president for non-denominational pro-life group Cherish Life Teresa Martin said the movement needed more “brave” politicians to support life.

“If our politicians aren’t standing up to support life, and they are our lawmakers, it’s only downhill from there,” Ms Martin said.

She said the growing number of women parliamentary members associated with political network EMILY’s List was “a serious concern”.

“We pray for them and pray they come away from EMILY’s List and just become full-on pro-life, and God can do anything, so we live in hope,” she said.

While raising abortion in conversations is no mean feat for Ms Martin, she urged all Christians to raise their voice and “show people that we care about the issue”.

“To be here (at the Rally for Life), to show anyone passing by outside the casino, we do it so that people can see that this issue is cared about and it’s cared about by hundreds and hundreds of people.”

Rally for Life supporter Beatrice Piat has no issue with being a public yet loving voice against abortion.

The university student has committed to praying outside a Bowen Hills abortion clinic during Lent.

Miss Piat said she supported the pro-life movement because “everyone has the right to life, and that right has priority over any other right”.

“There are no other rights without the right to life,” Miss Piat said.

“And I think that, as a young person, I’m here because we’re the future of pro-life.

“Without this generation, more babies will die.”

Miss Piat said abortion was “the biggest human rights issue of our time” and urged other young people to take on the “responsibility” to protect life at all stages.

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