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Saintly tale of romance

LONDON (CNS): The jilted boyfriend of a nun who is on course to become Scotland’s next saint kept a lock of her hair until his death, the Edinburgh Evening News reported on October 18.

Patrick Lynch was dumped by his first love, Margaret Sinclair, after she realised she had a vocation to the religious life.

She joined the Poor Clares of St Colette at the age of 23 and worked with the poor of Edinburgh until her death from tuberculosis two years later in 1925.

In 1978, the Catholic Church recognised Sr Margaret’s heroic virtues, the first major step toward canonisation.

Mr Lynch’s daughter, Moira Cunnison, revealed that her father kept a silver locket containing the nun’s hair hidden in a small box along with a letter from Sr Margaret until his death in 1973. The locket bore the image of a cross and was engraved with the name Margaret Sinclair.

Ms Cunnison, 73, of Bo’ness, Scotland, broke her silence as sealed archives relating to Sr Margaret’s cause were opened to the public at St Patrick Church in Edinburgh, where Sr Margaret’s body is entombed.

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