Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Rosies to offer friendship to Bayside’s homeless and marginalised

Rosies on the Bayside

Helping hand: Rosies general manager Andrew O’Brien, with volunteers Madison Castner and Bruce Corrie.

CATHOLIC charity Rosies is busy training volunteers for a new branch opening soon on Brisbane’s bayside.

The new branch will provide a mobile street van service and support for the area’s homeless, poor and struggling.

“We are very excited about this initiative. There’s a need, as there is in every community,” Rosies volunteers and outreach programs co-ordinator Cathy Lindsay said.

“People might be feeling socially isolated, marginalised or abandoned, but they can be part of the Rosies community.”

Rosies has been working closely with the Guardian Angels Parish, Wynnum, and St John Vianney’s Parish, Manly, to set up the new branch.

“Rosies is very welcome here. Their work is very important,” Guardian Angels’ parish priest Capuchin Father John Spiteri said.

“There are a lot of homeless people and those that need assistance.

“This is a way to get to know people, know who they are and make friends, to give them help and self-esteem, and lead them back to church.

“Also, it is a way of engaging some of our young people who already have experience working with Rosies.”

Mrs Lindsay said 100 people had signed up as volunteers for five different Rosies outreach programs.

“The bayside community is very supportive and many parishioners are getting involved,” she said.

“We just reached out and asked is this what you want?”

Rosies hopes to operate a street van serving food and refreshments three nights a week at well-known bayside locations including the Wynnum wading pool, the Manly town centre and Lota.

Rosies volunteers will also run daytime services targeting people in need of emergency housing and people attending regular Tuesday sittings of Wynnum Magistrates Court when domestic violence cases are dealt with.

“We are spreading the services just to offer a friendly and supportive hand for those who need it,” Mrs Lindsay said.

Rosies hopes to have the new bayside van operating from mid-July. 

By Mark Bowling

Catholic Church Insurance

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