Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Roma teacher shares touching insights into his adoption story

Ryan Baines

Orator: Ryan Baines delivers the Concannon Oration, an annual event organised by Concannon College, Toowoomba.

YOUNG Roma religious education teacher Ryan Baines delivered an inspiring talk at the University of Southern Queensland recently with the simple message, “Do what gives you life”.

That was a theme in his hour-long tale on second chances, faith and discovering new horizons.

He was delivering the annual Concannon Oration, organised by Concannon College.

About 200 people gathered to hear from 2018 Concannon Oration speaker Ryan Baines, a religious education teacher at St John’s School, Roma.

With more than 10 years’ arts experience and a decade of teaching experience, Mr Baines blends his curatorial skills in supporting teachers in regional schools in the area of student welfare.

Following a friend’s advice, Mr Baines told his “frank and honest story” to engage the young people of USQ.

He shared his experiences of being adopted from Sri Lanka and learning first-hand the importance of living life as if it were a second chance and going beyond his comfort zone.

Mr Baines also emphasised his passion for justice through creating a culture for positive change, and connecting with young people through story and outreach.

His talk delivered a powerful message of making the most of each day.

“At the end of the day, fix what is in front of you,” Mr Baines said.

“The only life that you might improve is your own but by doing that you give permission for others to do the same.”

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