Friday, August 14, 2020
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Prayers flow for wife of former Brisbane youth minister as couple awaits COVID-19 test results

Really talking: Renowned author and podcaster Matt Fradd speaking at the Real Talk Australia annual dinner on May 23. He and his wife are awaiting the results of a coronavirus test. Photo: Joe Higgins.

CATHOLICS worldwide are praying for Cameron Fradd, the wife of Australian-born Catholic apologist Matt Fradd, who was rushed to hospital over the weekend while awaiting test results for COVID-19.

Mr Fradd, who lives in the United States but worked as the youth ministry coordinator for Darra-Jindalee parish in 2005, announced on the Patreon page for his popular podcast, Pints with Aquinas, that he had taken his wife to hospital in the early hours of April 5.

“Cammie – my bride – woke around 4:30am and could hardly breathe,” Mr Fradd posted on his Patreon page.

The couple have been awaiting test results for COVID-19 for more than a week, shortly after Mr Fradd was later admitted to a hospital for chest pains.

“It was like somebody had taken a baseball bat to my chest and when I would breathe in it would feel bruised and contracted,” Mr Fradd said in a live-video about his health situation.

His wife was also showing “all the symptoms of coronavirus” at the time, including losing her sense of taste and smell.

Mr Fradd, who visited Brisbane last year as a guest speaker for Catholic ministry Real Talk Australia, said he possibly picked up the virus during a visit to Chicago two weeks prior to showing signs of COVID-19.

After requesting prayers on Twitter while being rushed to hospital by ambulance, he explained the following day in a live video on YouTube that he and his wife were “definitely showing symptoms of coronavirus”.

“We don’t know but it seems that we do, we just have to weather this out, so glory to Jesus Christ,” Mr Fradd said in the video.

He said in such an uncertain time in his life, all he could do was “beg our Blessed Lord for his mercy”.

“Here’s what I know – God is so good, he’s so beautiful, he’s so gentle and there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Mr Fradd said.

“All we have to do is turn back to the father and beg his mercy and forgiveness.”

After thanking people for praying for his family, Mr Fradd ended his live video by praying the Night Prayer from the Divine Office.

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