Friday, October 30, 2020
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Prayer support for Amish

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (CNS): In a demonstration of support for the Amish community, Catholics in the US Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania filled a church and diocesan centre on October 5 for prayer after five children died in a shooting suicide at an Amish schoolhouse.

The Mass at St Catherine of Siena Church in Quarryville and the prayer service at the Cardinal Keeler Centre in Harrisburg took place the same day as the Amish community buried four of the girls shot in the schoolhouse.

According to state police, 32-year-old Charles Carl Roberts IV entered a one-room Amish schoolhouse in West Nickel Mines on October 2 and shot 10 girls before taking his own life.

As of October 6, the five who survived remained in a serious condition.

The October 5 Mass was led by Harrisburg Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades and drew an overflow crowd.

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