Saturday, April 11, 2020
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Pope on pilgrimage to Egypt

CAIRO. Egypt (CNS): Pope John Paul II began a long-anticipated series of Holy Year pilgrimages to the roots of the faith with a three-day visit to Egypt late last month.

On February 26. the Pope prayed at the foot of Mt Sinai. where Moses received the Ten Commandments. and said God’s law was still the only hope for modern society.

‘The Ten Commandments are not an arbitrary imposition of a tyrannical Lord. They were written in stone. but before that. they were written on the human heart as the universal moral law. valid in every time and place.’ he said.

The Pope said the world needs to rediscover the ‘liberating obedience’ that prompted Moses to answer God’s call. The Mt Sinai pilgrimage capped a historic visit to Egypt. where the Pope celebrated Mass for his tiny flock of Catholics and reached out to Muslims and Orthodox Christians.

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