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Peace and prayer outdo disruptive pro-abortion protesters

Peace and prayer outdo disruptive pro-abortion protesters

By Emilie Ng

A GROUP praying outside a Bowen Hills abortion clinic to stop women from aborting their child were “unaffected” by a recent counter-demonstration supporting abortion and women’s choice.

40 Days for Life president Brendan Wong was praying outside the Marie Stopes clinic when 30 pro-abortion supporters arrived with megaphones and posters, being  “very noisy and aggressive” on April 4.

Despite being “heckled at, yelled at, screamed at, and told to go home” Mr Wong said none of the attackers worried him.

“Regardless of what they do, we continue to do what we do because we have the truth on our side,” Mr Wong said.

Another witness said the counter-demonstration was “full of angst and vitriol”.

Cherish Life Queensland president Teresa Martin was also praying outside the clinic when the pro-abortion demonstrators began their protest only centimetres behind her.

“It’s pretty sad that they’re standing there saying it’s okay to rip a baby from a mother’s womb,” Mrs Martin said.

Mrs Martin said the protesters attempts seemed “very half-hearted” and “unoriginal”.

She also said she was surprised that nearly all the vocal protesters stated that abortion was a hard decision.

“If they think it’s a hard decision, why aren’t they doing something then to provide options that don’t include abortion?” she said.

Police officers arrived at the clinic to control the abortion supporters, but did not ask them to leave the premises.

Another counter-demonstration has been organised for April 14.

In the third week of the campaign, mums Laura Otto and Carrie McCormack said they witnessed a couple hesitating to enter the abortion clinic because she and others were praying for them.

The couple left after glancing back at the group praying.

“We believe a baby may have been saved,” Mrs Otto said.

The 40 Days for Life campaign ends on April 13 with a public closing rally at 7pm at the Emmaus Centre in Paddington.

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