Sunday, September 20, 2020
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New gateway to shrine planned

OXFORD, England (CNS): The Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela in Spain has ordered a new gateway and the opening of 15 ancient sites to mark the shrine’s Holy Year.

Msgr Victor Marono Pena, who is vicar general for Santiago archdiocese, said: “The new construction will be large but simple, symbolising Santiago’s status as an open European city, as well as the conversion of pilgrims to a new life at the end of their journey.’

Archbishop Julian Barrio Barrio of Santiago de Compostela announced the opening of the 15 sites, including chapels linked to the sanctuary, a cathedral museum, the St Francis convent, Holy Rock hospital and the collegial Church of Our Lady of Sar.

Msgr Marono told CNS the 17-metre granite St Joseph’s Gateway, to be unveiled on July 25, would hold bronze images of the shrine’s 20 most famous pilgrims, including Sts Dominic and Bridget; Italian poet Dante Alighieri; 15th century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck; and Pope John Paul II, who visited Santiago de Compostela in 1982 and 1989.

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